Guess What’s in Our Toolbox

“Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works.”
– Steve Jobs, Founder of Apple Inc.

Highlighting or enhancing the structure of your home? Creating color and texture where none currently exists? Merging function and beauty by adding an outdoor kitchen to your patio? Our designs start and stop with whatever works for you.


“The entertainment is in the presentation.”
– John McTiernan, American filmmaker

Gardens and landscapes comprise a great deal more than flowers, shrubs, and stone walls. They should bring you pleasure, much the same as any artistic endeavor. Our goal, then, is to surprise and delight you with our presentation—in short, to entertain you.


“Listening is more important than talking.”
– Jimmy Fallon, Comedian and talk show host

We attribute a lot of our success to this simple fact: English Gardener landscape professionals are skilled listeners. We hear you when you share your ideas with us; and because we value your input, we’ll continually strive to remain your partners throughout the creative process.


“Whatever good things we build end up building us.”
– Jim Rohn, Entrepreneur & author

It’s true: most folks embrace their role as individual stewards of Planet Earth—and we’d love to help out! Beautifying your yard with a fieldstone wall, cultivating native plants and trees, growing bee-friendly species of flowers…these are all good things that end up building us for the better.

All this and successfully executing changes along the way. These all are elements of a garden.

Good gardens are a duet in harmony between the hardscape and softscape, and when both are included a very nice garden! Further dimensions to consider in the garden include sounds of water and music, lighting, dining… a quartet or quintet… even a symphony in the garden.

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The English Gardener designs, installs, manages, and maintains beautiful outdoor gardens and living spaces for garden lovers.



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