Tom Bishop

Tom with his many years of experience in the landscape industry has been a wonderful addition to our team. He has a wonderful sense of humor with a no-nonsense work ethic, just what the Gardener ordered! Tom enjoys the creative element when working with stone and looks forward to the new challenges ahead.

Reginald Carroll

Reggie’s a part-time team member who also happens to be a Certified Nursery and Landscape Professional (CNLP). This makes him eminently qualified to lend his skills to our fine gardening program. He has two sons, one a student at UB, the other a student and soccer player at Frontier High School. Reggie’s interests include origami and kite flying; he’s also played the clarinet for over 40 years. If this guy looks familiar, it’s because this is his second tour with The English Gardener: he was previously employed by us back in 2016. Welcome back, Reggie!.

Lisa Coppola

Lisa is one of our owners and came to us after being a long­time client who delights in the magic created by The English Gardener. Lisa heads up the business team and often can be heard to say “let’s execute!” to ensure our business systems support all our clients’ needs. Lisa’s happiest moments are found in her garden with her two daughters and their crazy chocolate labs.

Bill Crowe

Bill is one of the longest-tenured members of The English Gardener crew, having started with the company in 1998. He’s a diehard NASCAR fan, father of two and grandfather of seven. He’s a crew leader who’s looked up to by many in the field. Bill particularly enjoys teaching the new guys something he’s learned and watching them improve their skills.

Thomas Dunia

Thomas is a hardworking student college student. During his free-time, he enjoys watching and playing soccer and has been playing bass guitar for six years. With a very positive attitude and demeanor, Thomas looks forward to trimming and working with us to beautify our client’s gardens.

Wendy Gowen

Wendy and her husband, a landscape architect, enjoy living in a neighborhood that boasts several of our gardens. Wendy is our Administrative Manager and makes everything move smoothly behind the scenes. Wendy graduated from Cornell University School of Hotel Administration and has worked in event planning and hotel/office administration for many years. Whether it’s her friendly voice when you call or the multiple schedules, demands, and initiatives she oversees, Wendy is here for crew members and clients alike. When she’s not holding down the fort at The English Gardener, Wendy enjoys spending time with her three adult children (one of whom also is a landscape architect!) and taking walks with her two labrador retrievers.

Richard Groblewski

Rich is a relatively new member of The English Gardener team. An avid gardener himself, he applies his broad expertise to a variety of important work assignments, from purchasing plant material to creating work estimates. As a participant in a variety of garden walks and open garden events, he’s generously shared his own garden with thousands of visitors over the years. Rich is a father of three married daughters. He’s been a huge fan of the Buffalo Sabres since the early 1970s, and is proud to say his favorite food is “anything my wife prepares!” He’s also one of six Western New Yorkers who won a bronze medal in six-man volleyball in the International Police Olympics.

Joseph Han

Joseph, our founder, has been creating gardens since childhood with his family and enjoys sharing unique ­ some might say crazy ­ designs with clients, and they always enjoy the process of creating beautiful outdoor spaces. Joseph attended Earlham College and the University at Buffalo and is certified as a CNLP. Joseph enjoys art, theater, and music and in particular, living art, and dreams of playing lacrosse and basketball again one day. Joseph’s wife, brother, and sister also enjoy gardening along with the rest of his “family” at The English Gardener.

Shane Haxton

As one of our crew leaders, Shane comes to work with a get­-it­-done attitude every day. He is skilled and mature. Shane is a dedicated stone worker, and one of his jobs has been featured in Unilock’s national sales promotions, a nod to both the design and craftsmanship employed in the clients’ backyard. When he’s not at work, Shane is the proud and sometimes weary dad to Collin, Chayce, and Cayden.

The Howards

Jim and Linda Howard have been fans and friends of ours ever since the English Gardener designed and created the splendid gardens surrounding their Snyder home. Those gardens — featured in several national publications, including Better Homes and Gardens “Garden Ideas” and Garden Gate magazine—were personally tended and nurtured by Linda, whose claim to fame is a passion for gardening and a keen eye for color and texture. Her husband Jim, whose skill in handling a garden hose is second to none, enjoys reading, music, and writing short prose and poetry. The Howards are both retired, and have recently joined our administrative team. Their current mission is to help modernize the English Gardener’s business operations.

Gabriel Maldonado

Gabe is a relatively new member of the English Gardener team. When asked which part of his job is his
favorite, his answer is pretty straightforward: Everything! And it shows in his work. He takes great pride in assisting his coworkers, especially when called upon to plant and mulch. It’s why we were honored to name him EG’s “Rookie of the Year” in 2017. Gabe’s a hard-working family guy at heart…who also happens to have a passion for WWE professional wrestling! He’s played guitar for several years, and like many of us in these parts, he loves Western New York’s beautiful summer weather.

Nicholas Manning

Nick comes from a long line of gardeners, starting with his great-great grandfather who loved to garden in Italy as well as in South Buffalo. Nick has energy and a desire to please our clients, and we’re happy about both and that he’s contributing to our team. When he’s not at work, Nick can be found playing hockey (he captained his high school team) and cheering on the Syracuse Orange.

Sarah McNally

With her ardent interest in all facets of gardening and landscaping, Sarah’s an ideal fit for The English Gardener team. She enjoys building garden walls, doing brick and patio work, and creating perfectly shaped shrubs. She’s equally passionate about how she spends her free time, especially when she can camp or be near the ocean. Says Sarah: “I love the outdoors, water, and toes in the sand!” She’s been spinning vinyl records for ten years, and enjoys homemade pierogi and spending time with her extended family.

Cedric Richardson

Cedric has been part of the English Gardener family since 2015. He and his wife Dionne are the proud parents and grandparents of four children and five grandchildren. A huge fan of football, basketball, and pizza, he also plays the drums and lends his support to Buffalo State’s athletic program. On the job, Cedric is known for his timely dependability. If you were to ask him what part of his work he particularly enjoys, he’d say it’s planting and mulching our clients’ gardens—though it’s obvious to the rest of us that he takes pride in accomplishing any assignment he’s given.

Glenn Robertson

Glenn has devoted the last 2 decades to The English Gardener, managing everyone out in the field and doing so with diplomacy and wit. As if it weren’t enough that he’s always ensuring our clients are satisfied and our crew leaders have the materials and directions they need, he also can be found designing dynamic and creative lighting to offer gardens a spectacular night-time perspective. And from time to time he shows us what a whiz he is at carpentry too, whether it’s in design or execution. Glenn’s active personality doesn’t end at the shop door; he’s also big into sports, playing ice hockey, skiing, golfing and fishing. He loves making our customers wildly happy with the amazing gardens we build.

Brian Scranton

When we purchased additional design and office space in Snyder, Brian’s love for operating heavy machinery made him the perfect candidate for whipping that newly acquired property into shape. It’s still his favorite project, and he’s enjoyed watching it evolve over time. Brian is also an accomplished musician, and has played guitar for over 40 years. You’ll find him and his Styx tribute band, Grand Illusion, rocking various Buffalo-area venues throughout the year.

Alex Wilkinson

Alex holds the unique title of Operations Coordinator, which makes him responsible for the daily oversight of our online Landscape Management Network (LMN Software). He also trains others in its use, and has been our go-to guy for all things LMN-related since his arrival in 2017. Outside of work, Alex enjoys playing disc golf; he also shapes and polishes stones for jewelry. Among the many things he likes about being part of The English Gardener team is seeing his coworkers “…come together to create something beautiful.”.

Little Al (In memoriam)

Little Al was our carpenter for many, many years and created stunning creations out of wood. From gorgeous hand-hewn fences to pergolas, garden sheds and more, he was a skillful craftsman who made garden hard structures come alive with grace and beauty. Sadly, we lost Little Al in 2013, yet his wooden art remains alive, gracing our clients’ gardens and bringing joy to families across Western New York.

The English Gardener designs, installs, manages, and maintains beautiful outdoor gardens and living spaces for garden lovers.



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