The Groovy Garden Gazette

~from the English Gardener Team

“Fairest of the months! 
Ripe summer’s queen
The hey-day of the year
With robes that gleam with sunny sheen
Sweet August doth appear.”
–  R. Combe Miller

Garden Guidance

Deadhead, Deadhead, Deadhead!


Proper deadheading (who knew that was a verb?) and “dead foliaging” is the name of the game this month. Gardeners seldom worry about pruning leaves, but it’s imperative for managing the plant and encouraging its best growth. Have you ever seen a hosta with its outer leaves burnt or dried? Is so, then you might suspect—and you’d be correct—that there are many younger leaves inside the plant just waiting to step into a starring role. To aid their emergence, simply cut back any leaves that show signs of age or deterioration, and let the new growth take over and shine in the sun. This also will help with the size and proportion of the plants as they relate to each other.

Hardscape Happenings

Gorgeous Glow



Few people give much thought to a garden in the dark, but for some of us, the nighttime garden holds the most intrigue. In fact, it’s frequently the case that many gardens look even better at night. Why is that? It begins with effective lighting, which can often showcase important elements of both hardscape and plants. A good example: highlighting a dramatic focal point, such as an attractive pergola or delicate Japanese maple. Lighting may also serve the function of lighting a pathway or water feature. Looking for an economical way to illuminate your garden for many years to come? LED lighting may be the answer. Remember, too, that August is a good time to adjust your timers; and, because plants may have outgrown their existing lighting source, review your use of light fixtures…they may need to be replaced!


Featured Friends and Family:

William Crowe


In this issue of the Groovy Garden Gazette, we’d like to acknowledge one of our favorite Crew Leaders, Mr. William Crowe. Bill has over 25 years of hardscape and gardening experience, and has been a valuable asset to The English Gardener. We believe, and our clients agree, that he is genuine, knowledgeable, and very easy to speak with, both professionally and personally. Whether it be maintaining the garden or leading a hard-working hardscape team, Bill’s meticulous attention to detail is the one quality that sets him apart from others. His creativity and expertise make him an indispensable part of our organization. Thanks for all you do, Bill!


Groovy Garden Profile

Those Happenin’ Hydrangeas



Pet-friendly—even for the new puppy!—this backyard garden originally was designed five years ago. It has matured quite nicely since, boasting an in-ground watering system, lighting, lattice-top fence, pool, and garden shed. It features booming hydrangeas—perhaps as many as four different types—that spill forth in August and, indeed, all summer and fall. Hydrangea ‘Incrediball’ shows first in June; Quick Fire, Oakleaf, and Limelight hydrangeas follow closely behind, and together they add spectacular drama to the garden without intense maintenance.



Where are the English Gardeners?


Last month we visited Mutual River Park right here in Buffalo! It’s located adjacent to Buffalo’s historic “Elevator Alley”, and provides unparalleled views of the many grain elevators that tower above the Buffalo River. The park, located at 41 Hamburg Street at South Street, includes several rain gardens, a walking path with interpretive signage mounted on sandstone gathered from the site, and a user-friendly kayak launch. If you haven’t had a chance to visit this park, you really need to check it out!

What beautiful gardens have you visited? 


Is there a memorable garden that you would like to share with us? Send us a picture and brief description of a garden you have visited and we may highlight it in an upcoming newsletter!!