The Groovy Garden Gazette

~from the English Gardener Team

“November’s sky is chill and drear, November’s leaf is red and sear.” —Sir Walter Scott

Time for Fall Clean-Up/Garden Close… 


As the temperature drops and your trees continue to shed their leaves, your property needs to be cleared of leaf debris, and your plants should be winterized. We offer the services of a Fall Clean-Up, to keep your property looking clean and neat, as well as a Garden Close, to prepare your plants for winter so they’ll thrive again in the spring. Here’s a quick description of what these services entail:   

—For Fall Clean-Ups, we’ll remove all the leaves from the property, to include both the garden beds and the lawn area. Since the leaves fall at different times and varying rates, we usually collect them in two or three visits, so don’t worry if we don’t get all the leaves on our first visit!  We’ll also dispose of any fallen branches and sticks on the property. 

—For Garden Closes, we’ll cut back perennial shrubs, plants, and grasses to a much shorter length. That way, rather than sending all its nutrients and energy to the blooms, leaves, or branches, the plant will send them to the root system instead. We’ll also get rid of any dead and spent annuals, and all resulting debris will be collected and hauled away by our crews.    

Unfortunately, our 2019 end-of-season schedule is currently full, but please consider us for handling all your garden needs during 2020!   

Garden Guidance

Have you cleaned your garden tools? 


Always clean your garden tools when the season ends (or better yet, after every use). Besides minimizing the wear and tear on your equipment and the risk of rust, here’s another important reason to clean them: to prevent bacteria and disease from spreading. If proper cleaning precautions aren’t taken, bacteria and other diseases can be transferred from pot to pot and from plant to plant; even the plant-to-plant use of hedge trimmers increases the risk of spreading disease. Remember, if your soil gets infected, it can easily ruin an entire garden bed! 

Some helpful hints: Use an anti-bacterial soap and hot water for cleaning; bleach wipes would also be fine. Dry completely after cleaning. A small amount of 3-in-1 oil applied with a paper towel will help prevent rusting of metal tools, and WD-40 will improve the cutting life of your gas trimmers, shears, and hand pruners.   

Hardscape Happenings

Winterizing your outdoor kitchen and appliances is a must! 


Water left in pipes during the winter can freeze and cause those pipes to burst. So: 

—Turn off the supply of water to the outdoors and open the drain valve to properly drain all the water pipes.  

—Don’t forget any lines for ice makers, the refrigerator, and sinks.  

—Leave the drain valve open for winter.  

With regard to appliances and kitchen areas, a thorough cleaning and covering is in order. 

—Use a degreaser to clean and scrub your grill; remove and clean the grates and all inside surfaces; use a stainless steel polish on the outside for a final touch.  

—Thoroughly clean and dry any other appliances such as the fridge and ice maker.

When covering surfaces and appliances, be sure not to trap any moisture. Use covers designed specifically for the appliance or surfaces. The refrigerator and ice maker shouldn’t be covered. 

Featured English Gardener ‘Groovy Garden 

Relaxation Garden


This serene location sits at the edge of a creek that’s brimming with wildlife. The goal was to create an area within the garden that promotes relaxation, peaceful gatherings, and admiration of the surrounding nature. Our client knew what she wanted—and with The English Gardener’s help, her vision became a reality! It began with the removal of a child’s playground set, and eventually blossomed into a garden-lover’s paradise. An attractive fire pit with four seat walls is the centerpiece of the property; attached to the seat walls are four identical areas of plantings, creating a wonderful sequence of year-round blooms. Surrounded by a wall of stately boxwoods and rows of lavender, this garden offers the occupants a much-needed escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. 

The English Gardener Ltd would like to convey our sincere appreciation to our clients and friends for your continued business, confidence, and loyalty. We are deeply and genuinely thankful, and send our best wishes for a happy and healthy Thanksgiving! 

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